Food is not the problem.
Food is the medicine.

(okay, sometimes it's the problem too)
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our vision

It's easy to modify your diet and master IBS.

Managing IBS shouldn’t mean eating the same 5 meals on repeat or sacrificing delicious, nutritious options. Your diet shouldn’t be overwhelming or confusing.

Introducing Tummily, the world’s first personalised low FODMAP meal planner and symptom tracker designed to help you get organised, feel inspired, and master your IBS.

Health tracking to learn symptom triggers

First, pinpoint which lifestyle factors and foods contribute to your IBS symptoms.

Tailored meal plans

Then, get matched with meals that perfectly align with your health goals and dietary needs, saving you time and hassle.

Dietitian-approved recipes

Enjoy delicious recipes that fit your lifestyle and dietary preferences, specifically recommended for digestive challenges.

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Clinically proven outcomes

Our method is rooted in the low FODMAP diet, proven to alleviate IBS symptoms in 86% of clinical trial participants.

First ever integrated solution

Tummily is the first of it’s kind to combine recipes & meal planning with health tracking and symptom insights to provide unmatched simplicity and crucial insights into your health.

Loop in your healthcare provider

Bridge the gap between daily health tracking and clinical care by sharing your Tummily insights with your medical professional.

Easy to use

Struggled with the low FODMAP diet? We get it because we’ve been there too! Tummily makes the whole process so much easier with meal planning, reintroduction guidance, and personalised low FODMAP recipes.

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Our Mission

Revolutionise IBS management and save lives through advocacy for early cancer detection.

As an innovative health tech start up, our commitment goes beyond symptom relief. We’re also advocating for those with GI conditions, destigmatising IBS, and championing crucial bowel cancer awareness.

Did you know that common IBS symptoms, such as changes in bowel habits and stomach pain, can also be early signs of colorectal cancer? This similarity can cause delays in cancer diagnosis in IBS sufferers. Yet, early detection is crucial. Bowel cancer might be the the second deadliest cancer in people aged 25-35, but, if caught early, it’s also the most treatable.

At Tummily, we’re dedicated to advocating for early screening and proudly pledge to support our international GI cancer charity partners in their life-saving mission.

Tummily's founder, Alison Williams, in a garden, holding a bowl of seafood linguine garnished with green herbs.

Our founder’s story

Meet Alison Williams

Alison, a designer and amateur food blogger, created Tummily after watching her partner struggle with the low FODMAP diet. Despite dietitian support, the complexity and challenges of the diet process overwhelmed him, which didn’t help reduce symptoms! Dreaming up a simpler way, she cooked up Tummily: the all-in-one solution that makes managing IBS a piece of cake!

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