The secret sauce

Tummily is the first of it’s kind. Here’s how it works.

Weeknight meals, sorted!

Delicious and nutritious food inspo! It’s the ultimate collection of dietitian-approved recipes, perfect for anyone navigating digestive challenges, allergies,  intolerances and low FODMAP foods.

Whip up exciting, crowd-pleasing dishes that’ll have everyone at the table asking for seconds!

Food, personalised to you

Gluten-free, vegan, or low FODMAP? Juggling a picky eater or tight schedule? Tummily’s got you!

Smart filters give you the confidence to discover new meals that fit your life and palate.

Get organised!

Meal planning and keeping a food diary has never been easier. You can even save your own recipes to the app and add them your meal plan.

Create shopping lists in a snap and track your meals with a single tap. 

Features of the Meal Planner, including a fried rice recipe, 'track' button, and 'add to grocery list' button.

your health

Track any symptom or trigger and watch as patterns emerge, guiding you to smarter, healthier choices.

Uncover the real impact of stress, FODMAPs, and more on your IBS symptoms and dive into the nitty-gritty of lesser-known factors you’ve been curious about.

Get ready for a journey of self discovery!