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Illustration of a blonde dietitian with a stethoscope around neck consulting with a brunette client, holding a tablet device. Looking at each other and smiling. Background is a light-filled office space.

We’ve listened...

We’re on a mission to transform IBS sufferers into happier, healthier ‘well’ beings, and we can’t do that without you. That’s why we’re creating Tummily Connect, a free resource designed to bridge the gap between you and your clients through the Tummily mobile app.

We consulted with dietitian’s and learned that you’re frustrated with costly meal planning software and the tedious task of manually interpreting your client’s food and symptom diaries. We hear you!

With Tummily Connect, you can:

Tailor meal plans

Effortlessly create and share personalised meal plans to your client’s Tummily app, catering to their unique dietary needs.

Access client information

View the information your clients choose to share, including their food diaries and symptom trends, all accessible from your desktop browser.

Illustration of a female dietitian, dressed in a teal blazer, sitting at her desk and typing on her laptop. Fruits and vegetables decorate the scene.
A phone showing the Tummily Meal Planner with a low FODMAP test selected at the top. A fried rice dish and a pineapple are visible in the background.

Offer low FODMAP diet guidance

It’s never been easier to help your clients through each step of the low FODMAP diet, ensuring they accurately test their FODMAP tolerances and successfully reintroduce as many foods as possible.

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Best of all, Tummily Connect is completely free for healthcare professionals

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