What’s normal, anyway?

A health podcast from experts in the field and people with lived experience of IBS

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Changing the narrative on IBS

30%-50% of the population experience IBS symptoms, so there’s no reason to feel alone, ashamed or misunderstood. 

We were surprised to discover that half of us are more likely to overlook symptoms than talk to a doctor!

Our panel of IBS experts and people with lived experience of IBS and GI disorders are stepping up to the table, providing practical advice to manage symptoms effectively and tackle that burning question: “What’s normal, anyway?”

Join the Tumpod conversation

Send your stories, experiences, or any questions you might have to tumpodstories@gmail.com. Your contribution could be the beacon of hope or the answer someone else is seeking.

Together, let’s break the stigma of IBS and gastro intestinal disorders and foster a community of support and understanding.

Have you ever felt misled by expensive programs or supplements that failed to deliver?

Do you have IBS or a GI disorder? What are the symptoms you experience?

What are some of the ‘hidden’ impacts of IBS that people don’t see?

How do you manage symptoms? Medication? Supplements? Diet? Stress-management?

Does the low FODMAP diet work for you? How do you eat ‘healthy’ on the diet?

Was it hard to get a diagnosis? How did you get it?

When have you advocated for yourself and your health and what was the outcome?

Do you have bowel cancer? Did you catch your symptoms early, or late?